• projektowanie stron internetowych
    websites & webdesign
    responsive layouts for smartphones and tablets


  • tworzenie sklepów internetowych
    webshops & webstores
    easy shopping online, just click and buy
  • Pozycjonowanie w Google.pl
    SEO & SEA
    be the first in Google Search
  • Grafika Logo
    branding & Graphic design
    without logo you are not exist


what we do?

Web Design

We develop websites with CMS integration as part of thoroughly thought-through business strategy, part of marketing campaign or as a tool to implement a unique business model.

Webshops / E-commerce

E-commerce is an essential component of the internet business. We design online stores with unlimited number of products, built in, customized additional functionality, acceptance of secure credit card payments, expedient on-line funds transfers.

Branding ID / Logo

Logo is the face of the company. It is a key marketing and identification symbol that should compel people to memorize our client's identity. Our offer includes unique, high quality designs for logos, company stationery, business cards and email templates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If a website is to truly exist on the internet it has to be easy to find. Internet is the fastest and easiest way for your potential clients to find you. If you want to be a "sitting duck" for your clients you need search engine optimization with the most ubiquitous of all search engines – GOOGLE.

helpdesk - website updates

Do you require help in building a web site? Don't employ your own dedicated IT staff . Engage us! You will make significant savings. We resolve maintenance issues professionally and fast!


Part of the comprehensive service, we offer to host your website on our server with 24/7 support and guaranteed data backup. We will organize all that is required for you to have a live website; we'll arrange a purchase of the domain for you, install it on our server and support it 24/7.

Mobile Apps Development

We develop mobile application for operating systems of the two market leaders in mobile universe - Apple iOS. You will instantly attract larger numbers of customers if in addition to your classic website you offer mobile website and a mobile application for phones and tablets.

SharePoint Foundation

Part of the continuous development of Widows Sharepoint Services 3.0, Microsoft introduced SharePoint Foundation 2010 - secure and easy to manage platform which significantly expands the scope of employee collaboration.

Small Business Server

To understand the needs of our customers with regard to the SB server, we often discuss the essential aspects of their technology needs with the owners, board members and key executives of these companies. We strive to understand the requirements with regard to IT technology as well as the requirements important to the client's decision makers.

CRM, xRM, dms, sod, workflow

Centralized systems for storage and management of company documents. They consist of "à la carte" selectable processes for control of information flows and workflows within the company.

Enterprise Collaboration Systems

ECS are enterprise-wide platforms for communication and collaboration of employees. They provide document storage, coordination of efforts through tasks assignment and sharing of knowledge and information within the enterprise.


Intranet portal is, in addition to email, an essential communication platform within the enterprise.

Our mission

Every project we do must end with complete satisfaction of our customer. No project is complete until the customer confirms that the project fully meets their expectations and that they are completely satisfied with the results.

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