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Our websites are always created as a result of either thoroughly thought through business strategy, part of marketing campaign or as a tool and a platform to build some unique business model in the enterprise.

Attractive graphics are the essential aspect of every website's success. The design is responsible for that very first impression the visitor experiences and for enticing them to have a closer look at further content of the site.

Our common approach is to develop two different graphic presentations. One strictly to the requirements of the customer and the second as our own suggested alternative. Both may answer closely to the agreed upon ideas or be left to the graphic designer's imagination. Regardless of the approach the basic premise is to make sure the site is to impress the visitors as well as the site owners. The resulting WWW sites are original and unique and contrast remarkably from the usual run-of-the-mill feel of most sites.

More than a web development company, as an Interactive Agency we pay particular attention to provide attractive, trend-sensitive and unique look to our graphic solutions. We take care to make all pages easily accessible to search engines and web bots thus integrating the Search Engine Optimization conceptsin our design.

We build our websites with the content management systems (CMS) engine. The CMS engine allows the user to easily and independently edit existing and add new content to their web sites.

We are frequently asked to combine in one design a variety of roles the one site should perform such as: delivery of  information, promotional, delivery of service, transaction processing, Those various roles may address  diverse types of potential customers. In such instances we make sure that a consistent graphic scheme applies to the entire website delivering a consistent user experience for many years to come.

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Features Web Design

  • Beautiful, esthetic and unique presentation
  • Dynamic dvelopment through AJAX. Animation, loading the page contents on demand
  • Fresh, trendy style of pages
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Fast
  • an ituitive simple layout
  • Google friendly