E-commerce is arguably the most critical part of business on the internet. We design E-commerce stores that allow unlimited products and offer additional functionality including credit card processing and on-line payment platforms.

We are an Interactive Agency – a recent term for companies like ours which specialize in attention seeking, interactive and unique graphical designs. In addition to the eye-catching features, all our websites are developed with search engines in mind and are easily located via most search engines. This is especially effective in case of scoring high number of hits and attracting masses of customers to our web stores.

We base most of our internet stores on the Magento. It is a proven tool for easy updates and editing of product offerings, creation and addition of new pages to existing sites and easy integration with on-pine payment systems such as PayPal, DotPay, PayU and many others.

Many customers have unique and complex requirements that go beyond web store functionality. In these cases we develop customized, inimitable functionality, and transform a web store into a highly advanced diverse internet platform.

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Web Stores Features

  • Beautiful, unique look
  • Accept Online Payments (credit cards, on-line transfers)
  • Dynamics of design – use of AJAX (animation, updating parts of a web page without reloading the entire page)
  • With CMS system you can easy managment your products